For more than a year we have been working from home as much as possible. Fortunately we have now gained more control over the virus and the time has come to, step by step, return to our workplace. Safety, health and comfort of the employees are of course paramount in this process.

The Healthy Building Index tool including the COVID module has been built to assist you in returning to the office.

COVID module
The special COVID module maps the satisfaction of the employees with the measures taken in the workplace to reduce the risk of contamination with COVID-19. Additionally, the survey provides insights in the reasons for employees to go to the office or work from home. With the results of the survey measures can be defined to overcome potential concerns that prevent people from returning to the office or to assist in finding a new balance between working from home and at the office.

Healthy Building Index tool
The COVID-module is an additional feature of the Healthy Building Index tool. The tool provides building owners and employers insight in the experiences of building occupants with the air quality, temperature and quality of light and acoustics of their workplace. Based on the outcomes of the anonymous survey, the Healthy Building Index of the office will be calculated. The results from the short survey will be combined with building characteristics to efficiently address potential complaints and to determine whether the building's potential is fully utilized.

We are happy to support you in your process of returning to the office with the COVID module in the Healthy Building Index tool.

The costs for using the Healthy Building Index tool including the COVID module are on average € 3.000,- excl. VAT.