How healthy, stimulating and comfortable is your building?

Would you like to know how satisfied your employees or tenants are
with the indoor environment and the facilities in their office?

Use our online tool to determine
the healthy building index for your office building!

How does it work?

What will you get?

A healthy and comfortable workplace contributes to employee satisfaction and has a positive influence on their productivity and well-being.

With the Healthy Building Index tool we will show you how your employees value the indoor environment and facilities of their work environment. The Healthy Building Index tool can be applied to:

Existing buildings:

to optimize comfort and/or to detect and resolve points of improvement


to include the current users' experiences into the renovation plans

New construction:

post occupancy evaluation (to evaluate the satisfaction with the available facilities and installations)

WELL Building Standard:

obtaining a WELL certificate. The Healthy Building Index tool is pre-approved as WELL v2 survey for feature C04 and C05 part 1 (Healthy Building Index tool + WELL module)

The Healthy Building Index tool has been developed by bba indoor environmental consultancy and DGMR (the Netherlands).