How does it work?

The Healthy Building Index tool determines the employee satisfaction with the indoor environment and with the facilities of their work environment. The calculated level of satisfaction is expressed using a number between 100 and 1000, which represents the Healthy Building Index of your building. The results of your building will be compared to the performance of an average office building. The Healthy Building Index will be determined based on six themes. The following steps are required to perform the survey:

Step 1

We will schedule an intake by phone
We will prepare a customized survey for you

Step 2

Your employees are asked to complete the survey
The building manager is asked to fill out the building checklist

Step 3

We will generate the web-based results & prepare recommendations
Together we will discuss the outcomes by phone

The Healthy Building Index tool evaluates the following themes:

When a respondent is not satisfied with one or more of the aforementioned themes, further questions on the subject will be asked to specify the reason for the dissatisfaction more in detail.

Part of the survey about building occupant satisfaction (example)